Matching capital needs

As simulation studies illustrate, the health impact of COVID-19 is still far from over even if in most places the peak of the first wave of the pandemic has passed, as these interactive charts with current data show.

Transmission mitigation using social distancing, hand hygiene, and protective gear such as masks, will remain very important.

A lot of businesses face liquidity issues, and need some resilience in form of e.g., equity or debt/bridge-financing from investors or banking service providers, while at the same time some capital allocators inefficiently hold a lot of dry powder. 

It is the purpose of SmartMoneyMatch to contribute to a well-functioning market especially in these extraordinary times by bringing the main stakeholders like investors, service providers, and organizations looking for capital for their offers together.

To make the most use of it, do the following (at no charge):

Of course, it’s also recommended to participate in (online) events/webinars—or publish your own—network with professionals from the organizations you want to connect with, list vacancies on the job board, publish your article in the blog and have a banner ad (which is pay-per-click, so you only pay for realized clicks and can set a maximum budget).